Hunting seasons Missouri

Missouri Conservation Areas have various hunting seasons. Before starting a walk or hike near or at a MCA, check what type of hunting might be taking place. Several seasons begin mid-September and close in January.

During regular hunting & trapping seasons, the Missouri Conservation Areas are open to all user. When walking and hiking in any area where hunting is allowed; stay on the trails, wear hunter orange and keep your dog leashed.

Missouri offers managed deer hunts for archery, crossbow, muzzleloading and modern firearms from mid-September through January. When a "managed hunt" is being held at a conservation area, the area is closed to all other users except the hunters who registered to attend the managed hunt. Participants in all managed hunts (except those limited to archery or crossbow methods) must wear hunter orange and be hunter-education certified.

Check dates for:

ALL hunting and trapping seasons in MO Conservation Areas.

Managed deer hunting seasons in MO Conservation Areas. (right side of the webpage)