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Standard guidelines

Before bringing your dog or puppy to a Saint Louis All Dogs event, be sure it's properly immunized, licensed, and treated for parasites, and in good health, (no throwing up, coughing or diarrhea). If your dog is ill or in-season then skip the event, you will have more opportunities in the future. If you have a puppy, please read -- Puppies: critical information.• Never leave your dogs unattended. Don't drop a leash and let a dog wander.

-- Pick up your dogs poop. Bag and dispose of properly.
-- Prevent dogs from peeing and pooping at public locations (near food, restaurant patios, etc).
-- Leash Length: 6 feet or less. Straight line leashes only, they allow better control.
-- Each event you attend: know and obey the posted leash requirements for the area.

Watch for and respect the public!
The public is anyone and everyone, and refers to: runners, walkers, bikers, horseback riders, other dog walkers, families with small children, persons on motorized chairs, roller bladers, etc. Be respectful, get your dog out of their way. Avoid upsetting people or making a bad name for the group.

Not all dogs have the same play style, energy level, or experience.
Educate yourself about these variations before placing your dog (and yourself) into an inappropriate environment or event. If you are afraid of dogs, this is not the group for you. Read more about play styles.

Do you have a puppy and want to socialize it?
The most significiant time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life. Owners should take advantage of every safe opportunity to expose young puppies to the great variety of stimuli they will experience in their lives. Avoid forced or prolonged, uncomfortable or fearful encounters with dogs, people, places or noises. Read more about puppies.

Are your dogs social skills questionable?
Is your dog shy around people or other dogs, or in certain places or situations? Is your dog growly? Does your dog lunge at other dogs while on leash? Request advice or assistance from STLAD members or ask for one-on-one social time with an appropriate dog or situation. Read more about reactive dogs.

Does your dog have a bite history?
Then arrange a way to socialize your dog in a controlled manner. Seek behavior modification and guidance from certified professionals (search the 'training' section of our directory), or from reliable organizations such as: the Greater St. Louis Training Club, or ask your veterinarian for a recommendation. And by all means, ask STLAD members for advice and or referrals to trainers or programs that they have used.

Be cautious about giving food treats to a dog whether socializing indoors or outdoors. Any dog can become food possessive. It doesn’t mean they’re an aggressive or bad dog, it just happens sometimes. If you food reward your dog, do it subtly and discreetly. Be cautious when two or more dogs are gathered around you begging for treats; over excitement can get out of hand leaving you in the middle of a dog fight. Note, many of the Indoor Events have a No Food rule.

Children at events.
If you plan to bring a child (under the age of 13 years old) to a STLAD event, please add a statement in your event comment box saying, I am bringing a child (state age). Some dogs are nervous or fearful around children. Notifying us and the owner of the fearful dog will be able to change his/her plans if need be, or group members can pitch in and assist.

Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries incurred or damage caused by their dogs. We make no guarantee that any person or dog will be safe at all times. Members’ participation in any event is at their own risk. To that end, each member must read, understand and sign our waiver of liability form.

STLAD events are not a place to get a break from your dog.
Take full responsibility for your dog’s behavior and be aware of what he/she is doing 100% of the time.

No Drama, No Jerks.
This group is sociable, fun, friendly and our members are committed to keeping it that way.

Avoid making quick judgments about training techniques or styles. There are lots of different training methods out there and each may deliver a desired result. What works for one dog may not work for another. Share comments or concerns about (a dogs', owners', group, organization) behavior in a calm and diplomatic manner. Explain the observed behavior to other members and or, one of the Planners or Moderators.

Disputes between owners should be settled in a calm and diplomatic manner. We aren't interested in, nor will we tolerate, human drama games. If something happens, deal with it, then get over it. That's what the dogs do. If dogs injure each other, each owner must exchange personal contact information and arrange appropriate veterinary care.

Saint Louis All Dogs reserves the right to accept, decline or revoke membership at any time; and to restrict or remove content on the website. All comments and replys are moderated. Abusive feedback is not acceptable. -- We invite dog-related entities to tell us what they have available; but they should not demand or expect an endorsement, and are prohibited from sending emailed advertisments to members. Associate and Active Members are asked to refrain from engaging in internal self promotion to the point of annoyance. All efforts to spam Stlalldogs with advertising will be met with a strong bite to the hand and possible expulsion from the group.

The weather presents scheduling challenges for outdoor events. An outdoor event may be cancelled or rescheduled due to excessive cold, heat, rain, or other dangerous weather conditions.