Membership Dues

A yearly $10.00 dues contribution* is part of Active MembershipThe annual membership payments help pay for the club's monthly and yearly expenses such as: website services (domain, servers, hosting, hard drive storage), some room rentals, class deposits, event refreshments, prizes, equipment, printed materials.

Our fiscal year begins April 1st. Active member accounts, whose dues have not been received by April 1 will have their membership role downgraded to associate account holder until such time as dues are paid.

New Active Members are asked to pay their dues no later than 30 days after being accepted into the group.

Associate account holders are not required to pay annual dues.

Choose one payment method to pay your dues. The funds are deposited in the Saint Louis All Dogs bank account. We also record your payment on clubhouse/website account and the club ledger.

Check: made out to, Saint Louis All Dogs.
            address to: 1831 Strathearn Ct, Creve Ceour MO 63146.

PayPal: use your PayPal account to pay dues. Click the PayPal button below.
-- Type the dollar amount into the 'Price per item' field.
-- Log-in to your PayPal account and make your payment.
-- OR choose the 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' option.

CASH: current 'Active Members' can give/pay their cash dues to any club Moderator.

Donations (non-members)

We accept, but do not solicit, donations from non-members and the public.

*Payments and donations given to exempt social and recreation clubs are NOT deductible as charitable contributions on the donor's federal income tax return. --(source)Saint Louis All Dogs was granted 501(c)(7) social club status July of 2013.