Agility resources

Agility for beginners — PDF Agility info AKC Agility info wiki page Agility course designs — make your own course design Course obstacle projects & plans PVC (free) North American Dog Agility Council Equipment, supplies, books, dvds, etc Training, camps, information Saint Louis metropolitan area places and people who teach agility.E Westinn Kennels Greater St.… Read More »

Dog activities provides a long list of things people can do with their dogs; that include brief descriptions and links to more details. Agility – in, out, over and through. teamwork.Animal Assisted Activities or Therapy – soothe a lonely heart.Bikejoring – running and teamwork adds fun.Canicross – cross country running with appropriate dogs.Carting – channel the… Read More »

Toxins in toys

Giving your pet dog a child’s toy might turn deadly. We all know dogs demolish stuffed toys. Example: dog tears apart a child’s teddy bear, swallows some of it and becomes very sick. When operated on a huge gelatin type mess was found in the bowel. It wasn’t an obstruction. The dog died. On a quest… Read More »