Membership details

Membership Levels:

Active members can help plan, create and attend club walks or events. Active members can bring dogs to club events, AFTER they have added those dogs to their account and sent in proof of vaccination for each dog. Active members pay annual dues. Active members have additional log-in access and permissions on the clubhouse.

Associate members can add notices and records to the clubhouse. Associates can not attend club walks or events, nor bring dogs to club events. Associates do not pay dues. Associates have limited log-in access and limited permissions on the clubhouse.

Membership requirements:

Profile. Fill out the club membership request/website profile form and select either Associate or Active.

Dogs. If you plan to be an Active Member and bring your dogs to club events, provide a few details about each dog that will be attending by filling out the Dog form. Your dogs become part of your active account.

Vaccinations. BEFORE YOU BRING you dogs to club events, send in proof of current Rabies and Distemper vaccinations, Bordetella if given.  (applies to Active membership only)

Dues. After you are accepted into the club, you have 30 days to pay the $10 annual dues. Check or PayPal accepted.  (applies to Active membership only)

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