Minnie Ha Ha Park (Sunset Hills)

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Minnie Ha Ha Park is tucked away at the end of Old Gravois Road, on the banks of the Meramec River. The park has a wonderful paved loop approximately 1.5 miles long around the perimeter of the park. You can explore the Sunset Hills Athletic Fields by crossing West Watson Road. Another option for a longer walk is to walk out the entrance road of Minnie Ha Ha Park and cross the Meramec River bridge into Fenton. Turn left on to Opps Road and walk along the road until you see a sign for the Meramec Greenway Trail. You can follow the Meramec Greenway Trail into George Winter County Park

Minnie Ha Ha Park MAP
Map & Directions to Minnie Ha Ha Park

801 Old Gravois Road
63127 Sunset Hills , MO
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