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Training: Traditional methods

This article is straight forward and fairly neutral in its explanation of traditional dog training. For more on the subject, there are additional reading links at the bottom of the page. Traditional Dog Training Methods by Lisa Mullinax, CPDT Since the 1960’s, dog training has undergone significant changes. Where most dog trainers and owners believed… Read More »

Training: Positive reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement as it applies to dog training. Adding something the dog will work for, to strengthen (increase the frequency of) a desired behavior. For example, giving a dog a reward* for sitting in order to increase the probability that the dog will sit again. *Trainers and owners typically give some form of food treat. However,… Read More »

Training: dog notes

Dog training is the process of communicating (shaping or teaching) skills or behaviors. Both for the owner and their dog. For the dog, this can include teaching a response to certain commands, or helping a dog learn coping skills for stressful environments. –(source) Dog training philosophies, approaches, techniques, and equipment differ greatly. There are currently no licensing,… Read More »