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Training: introduce dogs properly

How to introduce your dog to another dog in ten easy steps. (article source Neil) …introduce two dogs to each other. These are the basics of introducing your (non aggressive) dog to another dog. If you were to rate dog aggression on a scale of zero to ten, with ten being the MOST aggressive (and zero being not aggressive… Read More »

Training: selecting a trainer

There are currently no licensing, education or experience requirements to work as a dog trainer or dog behavior professional, so it is important for you to be a knowledgeable consumer when selecting someone to help you learn more about your dog. Trainers are individuals who (may, or may not) understand basic learning theory. Trainers (may or may… Read More »

Training: who is qualified

How to Find a Qualified Dog Trainer (source) When it comes to finding a trainer for Fido, beware of dog … trainer. The world of dog training can be a bit like the “wild west of professions,” where anyone can advertise being a trainer without necessarily having gone through proper education or licensing, said Jean Donaldson, director… Read More »