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Dog Health list

Aging and the golden years. Anal glands. Don’t over look them. Breeder details. What to know and how to select. Bugs:  TICKS appear first warm days of March. Decline in heat of summer. Reappear Aug & Sep. CHIGGERS are most active between 77 degrees and 86 degrees. FLEAS like wet weather. Most active late spring… Read More »

Poop health

Dog poop color and consistency may indicate an underlying problem. Learn more by reading whole article. Large accumulated quantities of poop, left laying around, tends to make animals and people sick. Regardless of which creature produces it, dogs, cats, geese, livestock, humans, etc, poop needs to be cleaned up and managed. A single gram of dog feces can… Read More »

Dog dementia

If your older dog fails to recognize you anymore and is spending his nights wandering the hallways, he likely has some form of canine dementia. Scientists estimate that there are more than 30 million geriatric dogs (over the age of 7) in the United States, and more than 15 million in Europe. (source) Dog dementia,… Read More »