Poop health

Dog poop color and consistency may indicate an underlying problem. Learn more by reading whole article. Large accumulated quantities of poop, left laying around, tends to make animals and people sick. Regardless of which creature produces it, dogs, cats, geese, livestock, humans, etc, poop needs to be cleaned up and managed. A single gram of dog feces can… Read More »


Dogs, cats and other animals are at risk of encountering fleas (and ticks) during the warmer months. Check your pets frequently throughout the summer. Watch for excessive scratching or licking. Avoid walking pets in tall grass. Read more. Flea season, Flea Wiki. Fleas are not just a nuisance, they also carry diseases and the tapeworm parasite;… Read More »

CPR for dogs

Do you know how to do CPR on a dog? What about dog first aid? Find valuable instructions, videos, diagrams, and links on the subject of canine CPR.  http://www.squidoo.com/cprfordogs Or seek Canine CPR certified individuals.