Let them say no

By Cinder Wilkinson-Kenner, CPDT-KA. Is your dog allowed to say, NO? Mine is. This is a relatively new concept in the world of dog training. Back in the “old days” the common advice when training our dogs, “handlers should never, ever, let the dog make any choices of its own”. Whether in training, play, even… Read More »

Dog park proposal

A dog park is typically a fenced section of land where people and their dogs can hang out, socialize or play. Sizes vary. Many dog parks are only for municipality residents who have paid the established fees. Some are private and by paid membership only. A few are free and open to the public. Before… Read More »

Dog Health list

Aging and the golden years. Anal glands. Don’t over look them. Breeder details. What to know and how to select. Bugs:  TICKS appear first warm days of March. Decline in heat of summer. Reappear Aug & Sep. CHIGGERS are most active between 77 degrees and 86 degrees. FLEAS like wet weather. Most active late spring… Read More »