Free Photo with Santa @ Bass Pro Shops

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Event Sponsor: 
Bass Pro Shops
Sun Dec, 24 2017 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Bass Pro Shops
1365 South 5th St.
63301 St. Charles , MO

November 11 through December 24. Times vary; see schedule. Visit Santa in Santa's Wonderland and get a FREE photo with Santa, and also a free personalized digital Christmas card. Santa will not hold a pet, but pets are allowed in the photo.
Bass Pro Shops: (636) 688-2500
What is a Bass Pass? It is a ½ hour time slot for you to see Santa & get your photo taken.
Where do I get a Bass Pass? Pick up your pass at the store the day that you are going to see Santa at the "Bass Pass Ticket Depot" inside the store just West of their lobby.
What is the cost to get a Bass Pass? There is NO cost for a Bass Pass to see Santa.
When can I pick it up a Bass Pass? Anytime during store hours. The store opens everyday at 10am. (*Black Friday the store will open at 5am.)
How long is the Bass Pass good for? The Bass Pass is ONLY good for the day that you pick it up.
Are Bass Passes limited? Yes and they go quickly each day. There are 30 passes passed out for each ½ hour Santa is here for that day. (i.e. If Santa is here 10am to 8pm, the first time passed out is 10am and the last time slot passed out for that day is 7:30pm.)
Can I pick up a pass for a certain time? Yes. Bass Passes are only good for the day you pick it up, but you can stop by that morning and get a time for later that day.
How does it work? Each pass has a day and time printed on it. At the time listed on your pass, you will go to the Santa line and check in by showing the associate your pass. During that time you are in line with 29 other people with that same time slot and will get your picture taken within a ½ hour window. (i.e. your pass reads 6pm, you will get your picture taken between 6pm and 6:30pm.)
The Bass Pass was instituted so Children didn’t have to stand in a very long line. This way you are only standing in a ½ hour long line and you are able to grab something to eat, enjoy all the games and crafts in Wonderland, or shop around the store.

(636) 688-2500
For all the details visit the event page.