This section contains info about dog friendly cabins, hotels, motels, vacation travel spots, homes, rentals, places to walk/hike, travel tips, etc.

-- Hike With Your Dog helping you find a trail-friendly trail.

(DIRECTORY) the club directory holds a lot of STL local dog friendly records, but we can't keep up with all of them, so search the internet too.

(ARTICLE) 13 steps to finding pet friendly housing

(LIST) Search for pet friendly housing and real estate

(TRAVEL) Don't be afraid to take your pets with you on when you travel on vacation. These websites list pet friendly, dog friendly hotels. Remember to be a responsible pet owner and keep your dog from peeing and pooing inside the lodgings.

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-- ArdPark: Steelville, MO. Yours pets are always welcome. Located next to Mark Twain National Forest.
-- Blue Jay Farm: Dixon, MO. Friendly pets are welcome. About 20 miles west/northwest of Rolla.
-- Brushy Creek Lodge: Black, MO. Near Ozark Trail and Bell Mountain Wilderness hiking trail.
-- Columbia, Missouri: has some wonderful dog parks, no membership or fees required.
-- Missouri State Parks. Choose an adventure.