Saint Stanislaus CA

By | Sep 26, 2018

Address: Charbonier Road and Aubuchon Road, Hazelwood, MO 63042
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More info: located in St. Louis County. Restroom available?
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Saint Stanislaus Conservation Area is located in north St. Louis County near the Hazelwood Sports Complex. The Conservation Department leases this 812-acre area from the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation and manages it for a variety of wildlife species.

The area was named for the former Saint Stanislaus Seminary which used the property for a retreat. Old building foundations from this retreat still remain. Early French explorers named this historic bluff La Charbonier, which means coal seam. The journals of Lewis and Clark also noted the coal resources of the bluff.

The area includes a portion of Bryan Island on the Missouri River. The island is on the western boundary of the property and is accessible only by boat. Habitats found on the area include wetlands, upland and bottomland forest, and open fields. The lower portions of the area are frequently subject to spring flooding.

Two designated Trails. The disabled-accessible trail is (Easy) and 0.4 in length. The hiking trail is considered (Difficult) and 3.5 miles in length. Access to Charbonier Bluff, which overlooks the Missouri River bottoms, is provided by hiking trails from the lower parking area.


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