Oak Tree Park

By | Apr 3, 2015

Address: Florence Ave & Porter Ave, Brentwood, MO 63144
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More info: located in St. Louis County. Restroom available? NO
(visit their website) or call: 314-963-8689

Oak Tree Park is located in Brentwood. The lovely eight acre park provides a balance of urban forest and open space nestled within the residential community. The grassy hill slopes down to an open field adjacent to a pavilion with barbecue grill and playground. Parking is located at the corner of Florence and Porter Avenues and pedestrian access is located off Litzsinger at Rosalie.

Trail: the forested area features 458 feet of nature trails. And the park features an asphalt path (Lee Wynn Trail) with benches running alongside a flowing creek toward Hanley Park. A nature trail branches off the paved path, allowing walkers to climb up a set of natural stone stairs on a dirt hillside toward a tunnel of trees.

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