Maryville College Woods

By | Mar 25, 2015

Address: Conway road & St. Lukes Hospital road, Town and Country, MO 63141
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More info: located in St. Louis County. Restroom available? NO
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Maryville College Woods has several miles of walking trails. The MC woods is a protected and managed multi-use 140-acre forest for the enjoyment of the Maryville College community. Periodic usage by track clubs, scouting groups, educational groups, etc. is allowed, but only after approval from the MC Woods Group. Please read the rules listed on their webpage.

Trail Info: trails are a mix of natural surface, gravel, and crushed asphalt. Trails are tree lined paths that provide a decent amount of shade. A few hills are scattered throughout.

Bridges over the lakes allow for viewing of the dam. Wildlife can be seen along water areas including various birds, turtles, frogs and occasional deer.

Trails can be walked out and back or looped and combined for walks of about 2-4 miles. Although the trails have some color coding markings in spots, they are not well marked and branch off at times. It is suggested to use a map and GPS to help guide you if you are unfamiliar with the trails.