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Uncommon or unique services rendered or offered. Things that do not easily fit into the other categories.

Dog owners’ liability

Dog Owners’ Liability for Bites and Other Injuries: An Overview, …the general principles governing the civil and criminal liability of dog owners when their pets hurt someone—and links to find more details. (source) Dog owner liability Dog owner’s legal defense Who is liable Compensation for dog bites Liability insurance

Seizure response dogs

The Epilepsy Foundation 24/7 Helpline offers referrals to agencies who provide trained seizure response dogs. Cathleen Cooney, MSHealth Resource Specialist8301 Professional Place-East, Suite 200 | Landover, MD 20785 1.800.332.1000 – Epilepsy & Seizures 24/7 Helpline Additional resource —

Service dogs

SERVICE DOGS are dogs that may or may not be wearing a service dog vest. Please don’t interact, make eye contact with, or pet this dog while it is working. When in doubt, ask. A service dog is a type of assistance dog specifically trained to help people who have disabilities including visual difficulties, hearing impairments,… Read More »