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There are 50 species of mosquitoes in the state of Missouri and most of them drink blood from vertebrate animals (dogs, humans, etc). Some species bite during the day, while others are most active at dawn, dusk or night. All mosquitoes need standing or quiet water in which to lay their eggs; but as adults, different… Read More »

Aging: their golden years

Article: Help your dog navigate his golden years. (source) Aging is inevitable. Our furry friends transition from puppyhood to old age in what seems like a blink of an eye. Although we can’t slow the aging process, we can do a lot to help our aging canines navigate the golden years. “The geriatric stage is… Read More »

Dog dementia

If your older dog fails to recognize you anymore and is spending his nights wandering the hallways, he likely has some form of canine dementia. Scientists estimate that there are more than 30 million geriatric dogs (over the age of 7) in the United States, and more than 15 million in Europe. (source) Dog dementia,… Read More »