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A variety of dog items such as: carriers, collars, clothing, cones, pools, lift harnesses, strollers, toys, etc.

Proper ID pros cons

Provide proper identification on your dog in the case of theft, loss, or other emergency situations. Using more than one method of identification can increase your dog’s chances of being returned. Local License Requirements A license is required in most USA cities, counties and states. Your dog should always wear the license tag along with… Read More »

Lights & reflective gear

Get ILLUMINATED and be visible to drivers at dusk, dawn, night, fog or rain. Wear reflective clothing or battery powered lights. Why is this important? Many drivers have poor vision and most walkers, dog walkers, runners, etc are hard to see. Do everyone a favor and get illuminated. These products will help. SpotLit L.E.D Pet… Read More »