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A variety of dog items such as: carriers, collars, clothing, cones, pools, lift harnesses, strollers, toys, etc.

Agility resources

Agility for beginners — PDF Agility info AKC Agility info wiki page Agility course designs — make your own course design Course obstacle projects & plans North American Dog Agility Council Equipment, supplies, books, dvds, etc Training, camps, information USDAA — United States Dog Agility Association Saint Louis area places / people who teach agility.Eimagility… Read More »

Dog activities provides a long list of things people can do with their dogs; that include brief descriptions and links to more details. Agility – in, out, over and through. teamwork.Animal Assisted Activities or Therapy – soothe a lonely heart.Bikejoring – running and teamwork adds fun.Canicross – cross country running with appropriate dogs.Carting – channel the… Read More »

Prong collars

If you’re going to use a prong collar, please do it right! Often, owners don’t take the time to properly fit and understand how to use a prong collar. This lack of knowledge can lead to problems, pain for the dog and possible health issues. Properly fitting a prong collar; how it should look on… Read More »