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A variety of dog items such as: carriers, collars, clothing, cones, pools, lift harnesses, strollers, toys, etc.

Prong collars

If you’re going to use a prong collar, please do it right! Often, owners don’t take the time to properly fit and understand how to use a prong collar. This lack of knowledge can lead to problems, pain for the dog and possible health issues. Properly fitting a prong collar; how it should look on… Read More »

Noise reduction

Specialized sound reducing ear muffs designed for dogs who fly in loud airplanes. The mutt muffs might help sound reactive dogs (fear of thunder and other loud noises). Requires kind and patient training so the dog becomes willing to wear the muffs. Available in five sizes. Select the correct size for your dog.

Keep them warm

Outdoors: some short haired dogs and senior dogs need help staying warm in the colder weather. Select and use good quality dog apparel. Some velcro edges can be sharp, check and trim. RC Pet Products. Brand, ‘West Coast Rainwear’ — Premier Pet. Brand, ‘Fido Fleece’ – Vibram. Brand, ‘My Good Dog’ — Indoors: try a… Read More »