MU hosting

The Leadership team welcomes Suggestions for events. They’re happy to hear member ideas. Please post them on the Meetup Discussion board, or send via club via email or share while on a club walk.

The Leadership Team is happy to mentor members and teach them about hosting dog events so they too can join the team. These roles can host club events on Meetup: Organizer, Co-Organizer, Assistant Organizer, Event Organizer.

The event location can be simple. It could be in your neighborhood or a local park. Motivation: you plan to take a walk (or do an activity) with your dog and are inviting other club members to join you. Ideas: outdoor: parks, paths, fenced yards of members such as a yard party. Indoor event at a: dog boarding businesses or private home.

Event types. Walk, hike, play, search, dig, pull, swim. Meet or volunteer at a festival (fundraiser or other), make something, go camping. Education (class, seminar, presentation, training). And more, depends on what you think of.

Extreme hot or cold weather will always be a factor in choosing time of day and even location. The hotter it gets the earlier or later the time, with shady locations preferred. The colder it gets then later morning and afternoons may be preferred.


Event title. Keep it short but clear.

When is it? How long is it? How often?
— Select date and time that works with your schedule.
— What is the Length of event: begins when, ends what time (approximately).

Where: the address needs to be an ACCURATE number, street name, city name, zip code. Those fields are supposed to render a google map, do not type general info in the fields!

How to find us: include a clear explanation on where to meet or how to find you. Include some details such as, color of your car, what you will be wearing, or what your dog looks like. If you exceed the 250 character limit, enter it again in the description.

Description: What will happen at the event.
— Is there a size limit? Examples: small dogs only, big dogs only, dogs under 45 pounds.
— On-leash. Off-leash, or mix of each?
— Will people need to bring and show dogs vaccination documents?

— How many pups/people can attend? Rsvp deadline (if necessary)?

— What to expect: grassy, paved, dirt paths, gravel, rocky, slippery, trees, bugs, shade, sunny, water, critters (deer, etc), noise level, restrooms available (yes or no).

— Difficulty? Is it flat, rolling hills or steep terrain, lots of climbing, are there any steps?
— Approximately how many miles from beginning to end? (if applicable).

— Should people bring anything in particular? bottled water, food, toys, towels, bug spray, wear waterproof shoes (will be crossing a stream).

— Parking: park on street. park in lot B. park on grass, etc.

— Car pooling? Determine address of place/location where members meet, include in event description.


— Orgs add this Text to bottom of your club walk or event. “Club Guidelines observed. – &… This event may be canceled (or rescheduled) if there are no attendees, or unusual weather conditions. If canceled, an email notification will be sent to those who signed up.”

— Orgs add this Question to each club event. Under ‘additional settings’ > Ask members a question. Add: Remember to SEND in or SHOW your dogs up-to-date vaccination documentation at least one time. — When members bring and show their vaccination documents at your walk or event, please take a good PHOTO of the page(s) and email to — They will be marked in club database and filed in club email account.

— Orgs take Attendance. Organizers, after any of your events, please mark attendance. Find the options on the attendees list and touch the three DOTS to the right of each members  name (same dots smartphone and desktop). Choices are: Flag as “No-show” -or- Move to “Didn’t go”.