Dedicated to the loved doggie & human members who no longer are with us.

“Losing someone we are close to causes anguish and sorrow. It’s a natural reaction when you lose a loved one, whether human or animal; and the stages of mourning are the same.”

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Losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend

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NameAgeBreedingPassedtheir peopleMemorial notes
Ace113HarrierFeb 16, 2016Gwin WWas struggling with a failing heart, liver issues and finally cancer.
Angel14BeagleMay 25, 2016Sandi A
Annie13Sable CollieMar 20, 2015Beth BFriendly, gentle, curious, interested, confident, a little nervous sometimes
Captain10Samoyed mixMay 29, 2011Jackie PA rescue who had a difficult early life.
Cosmo17West highland terrierMar 24, 2010Pat & DonA wonderful dog who will be miss every day.
Dawson8Spaniel retriever mixJan 15, 2013Ken GA sweet boy who lost a battled with cancer.
Dempsey15Lab mixMay 22, 2018Cindy KA sweet old soul who loved to ride in cars with head out the window.
Jackie P90HUMANJul 30, 2017...familyShe had a gentle touch, a loving heart and the spirit to never give up.
Jerry9Shetland sheepdogSep 13, 2017Angela LHe was a sweet, loving soul. Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.
Jessie17Lab, Golden mixApr 10, 2010Lisa P
Kiah12Mini Aussie mixNov 2, 2018Shae KScared & timid at first, she blossomed in confidence. Loyal. Loved to run, swim and roll.
Kibbitz15Boston terrierApr 9, 2018Diana BHad mast cell tumors and Cushings disease. Was hard of hearing, eye sight was very poor and was showing signs of neurologic problems
Mike10English Yellow LabJun 11, 2016Andy RHad a stroke while in the hospital.
Molly??BoxerNov 1, 2009PattyWas mild tempered and sweet.
Monkey12Border CollieNov 18, 2016Mary LNo longer could lift himself up off the floor.
Nicky7EC Golden retrieverJun 28, 2016Beth BEnglish Cream Golden Retriever.
Scooter17BeagleMay 1, 2018Mary LKept walking and baying until his abrupt end. Goodbye friend.
Sharon12Golden, shep, chow mixMar 22, 2012Bob HWas an enthusiastic walker, willing companion.
Snicker14BeagleDec 7, 2016Sandi A
Tucker10Golden retrieverOct 21, 2016Susan SAn autoimmune disease affected his eyes. Then bone cancer began to take it's toll.
Virginia F84HUMANDec 26, 2016...familyWelcomed everyone with a smile and kind words.
Walter??Neapolitan mastiffAug 1, 2017Judy S
Willow14Shetland sheepdogMar 27, 2016Angela L
Xena11Great daneApr 3, 2015Keena MSpecial friend and gentle giant. She loved unconditionally.