DateSigned UpType and TitleHost
31-Jan-20121wwm: queeny parkrlfoster
29-Jan-201219walk: winfield lock & dam 25, eagle watchingsusan C
28-Jan-201215meeting: new clubhouse show & tellmary, gina
27-Jan-20121wwm: jefferson barracks parkcharlie
22-Jan-20123wwm: watson trail parkgina
22-Jan-20125walk: route 66 state parkbob
16-Jan-20128walk: riverwoods trail, bridgetonsusan C
8-Jan-201210walk: lafayette park, hot drinks latergiuliana
7-Jan-201214walk: chain of rocks bridge, eagle watchingsusan C
5-Jan-201210walk: longview farm parkmary
31-Dec-20116walk: broemmelsiek parkmary
29-Dec-201112walk: lost valleymary
26-Dec-20119walk: fort belle fontainesusan C
23-Dec-20114walk: busch greenway connector 2 katy trailsusan C
21-Dec-20117walk: st. charles christmas traditionssue H
20-Dec-20116dine: vom fass & schlafly bottleworksgina
18-Dec-20114walk: Bee Tree county parkrene
18-Dec-201113walk & dine: creve coeur lakehousesue H
17-Dec-20113walk: queeny parkgina
17-Dec-20116hike: howell islandmary
16-Dec-20119walk: see christmas lights. St. Louis Hillsmary
11-Dec-20114walk: fort belle fontainesue H
4-Dec-20113walk: tower grove parkdenise
3-Dec-20114walk: weldon springsmary, susan C
27-Nov-20119walk: through the ‘way of lights’susan C
26-Nov-20119walk: bangert islandsusan C
25-Nov-20118walk: the turkey offrene
19-Nov-201110hike: castlewood loopmary, susan C
18-Nov-201110--notice: presentation: nose work demo
13-Nov-20113walk: tower grove parkdenise
10-Nov-20118walk: in the dark. shrewbury parkmary
6-Nov-20115walk: katy trail, augusta brewing cogina
6-Nov-20116compton hill water towerlisa
5-Nov-201110walk: watson trail parkgina
5-Nov-201132yard party: fall gathering in sunset hillslura
30-Oct-201115--notice: the boathouse: howl-o-ween
29-Oct-201118--notice: pet lovers expo
28-Oct-20111--notice: mask fur-aid ball
23-Oct-201115walk: creve coeur lakehousesue H
22-Oct-20118walk: fort belle fontainemary
22-Oct-201110walk: lafayette parkgiuliana
20-Oct-20113--notice: canine degenerative myelopathy
20-Oct-20115--notice: yappy hour: four muddy paws
16-Oct-201117canine games: just for funmary, gina
16-Oct-201126canine games: volunteersmary, gina
15-Oct-20114walk: clarence cannon wildlife refugerene
8-Oct-20114walk: dresser island conservation areamary
4-Oct-20113south county: suson parkgina
2-Oct-201116--notice: canine carnival: apa’s 21st
1-Oct-201120presentation: catered lunchmary, gina
1-Oct-201125presentation: basic dog caremary, gina
1-Oct-201125presentation: raising a balanced dogmary, gina
1-Oct-201125presentation: your dogs nutritionmary, gina
30-Sep-20115class: canine good citizenmary
30-Sep-20119jefferson barracks: evening walkrene
29-Sep-20117forest park: evening walkjanice
29-Sep-20117yard party: all sizes south countyshae
25-Sep-20118forest park: afternoon strollrene
24-Sep-20118creve coeur lakehouse/mallard lake & dinesue H
24-Sep-201114--notice: kirkwood: dogs days celebration
22-Sep-20111Meramec Greenwaydenise
18-Sep-20111tower grove parkdenise
18-Sep-20112forest park (steinberg)rene
17-Sep-20117broemmelsiek dog park & swimangie, judi
17-Sep-201110pekingese play hour (bauserhaus)chrissie
17-Sep-201113PoVp (rented BauserHaus)lura, susan S
15-Sep-20115--notice: FMP yappy hourgiuliana
15-Sep-20117meramec greenwaymary
13-Sep-20114whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
11-Sep-20118tower grove parkdenise
10-Sep-201115broemmelsiek dog park & swimangie, judi
9-Sep-20113quail ridge parkangie, valerie
9-Sep-20116camping (washington state park)gerry
8-Sep-20117meramec greenway3 orgs
7-Sep-20115whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
5-Sep-20119yard party: all sizes (webster groves)gina
29-Aug-20116forest park (jewell box)janice
28-Aug-20115katy trail & augusta brewing cogina
27-Aug-20113young conservation area: see new bridgemary
27-Aug-20115--notice: docent led tours #2 (laumeier)
27-Aug-20119creve coeur lakehouse/mallard lake & dinesue H
26-Aug-20118tower grove park and gelatorene
25-Aug-20115sunset park (florissant)mary
20-Aug-201111PoVp (rented indoor dog park) st. charlesmary, sue, angie
18-Aug-20112--notice: yappy hour four muddy pawsgiuliana
18-Aug-20113meramec greenwaylura
15-Aug-20116Illinois: pick peaches (eckerts) bellevillegina
13-Aug-20115--notice: winery afternoon: bring your pooch
13-Aug-201112broemmelsiek dog park & swimangie, judi
12-Aug-20113tower grove park and gelatorene
11-Aug-20117meramec greenwaydenise
4-Aug-20116meramec greenwaymary
30-Jul-2011113-day dog park (flash)mary, shae
29-Jul-2011103-day dog park (flash)mary, shae
28-Jul-20113--notice: Laumeier yappy hour
23-Jul-201112creve coeur lakehouse/mallard lake & dinesue H
21-Jul-20115--notice: FMP yappy hourgiuliana
20-Jul-20115--notice: raw feeding seminar #2giuliana
17-Jul-20112--notice: paddle w/your pooch (forest park)
16-Jul-20112forest 44 conservation areamary
15-Jul-201111jefferson barracks county parkmary
14-Jul-20117forest park (jefferson lake)janice
13-Jul-20117--notice: docent led tour (laumeier sculpture park)
10-Jul-20113fort belle fontainegerry
9-Jul-201111broemmelsiek dog park & swimangie, judi
6-Jul-20114shaw park (clayton)LC
6-Jul-20116blackburn park (webster groves)gina
30-Jun-20114meramec greenwaymary
29-Jun-20117whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
25-Jun-20117creve coeur lakehouse/mallard lake & dinesue H
24-Jun-20115katy trailmary
24-Jun-201113kirkwood park (tropical moose)giuliana
23-Jun-20118meramec greenwaymary
22-Jun-20114whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
21-Jun-20115forest park (boat house) walk/dinerene
16-Jun-20117meramec greenwaymary
12-Jun-20114fort belle fontainemary
10-Jun-20116tower grove park and gelatorene
9-Jun-20114meramec greenwaymary
5-Jun-20114forest 44 conservation areamary
4-Jun-20119PoVp (rented HGT) Imperiallura, susan S
4-Jun-201116broemmelsiek dog park & swimangie, judi
3-Jun-20113--notice: bark & wine: bauserhauschrissie
2-Jun-20115meramec greenwaymary
31-May-20117treasure box hunt: sculpture parkjanice, LC
29-May-20119mastodon state parkrene
28-May-20119st. francis park & ted drewesgiuliana
27-May-201111carondelet parkrene
22-May-20117Illinois: horseshoe lake parkdenise
21-May-20117Bark in the park: HSMOmary
19-May-20115meramec greenwaymay
7-May-20116route 66 state parkdenise
7-May-20119Meeting: organizer planning (new website)mary, gina
7-May-201111broemmelsiek park: for Willowangie, judi
6-May-20116west tyson parkmary, giuliana
1-May-20112treasure box hunt: sculpture parkjanice, LC
27-Apr-20115al foster trailmary, giuliana
20-Apr-20115queeny parkbob
17-Apr-201111creve coeur lakehouse/mallard lake & dinesue H
16-Apr-20112fort belle fontainegerry
15-Apr-201110tower grove parkrene
9-Apr-201110pekingese play hourchrissie
8-Apr-201117laumier sculpture parkgiuliana
6-Apr-20116broemmelsiek parkangie
6-Apr-20117greensfelder county parkmary
2-Apr-20119fort belle fontainegerry
1-Apr-201111simpson parklura, denise
26-Mar-20115edu: reliable recall DVDmary
20-Mar-201127creve coeur parksue H
19-Mar-20116clarence cannon wildlife refugerene
19-Mar-20118treasure box hunt: blackburn parkjanice, LC
13-Mar-20118katy trailmary
12-Mar-201115fort belle fontainegerry
27-Feb-201111--notice: shaw nature reservebob, kristi
27-Feb-201118parade: beggin stripsamber
27-Feb-201128PoVp (rented BauserHaus)mary, lura
26-Feb-20119weldon springsmary
20-Feb-201120creve coeur parksue H
19-Feb-20118bridgetonsue H
19-Feb-201124--notice: bark & wine: doggie in windowchrissie
18-Feb-201112lost valley trailangie
14-Feb-20118simpson parklura
12-Feb-201160Party FEB: (AKC Museum of the dog)3 orgs
30-Jan-201116edu: raw feeding (four muddy paws)angie
29-Jan-20114jefferson barracks county parkrene
28-Jan-20116queeny parklura
26-Jan-201128PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timelura, susan S
15-Jan-201135edu: pet first aid (American Red Cross)mary, gina
14-Jan-20117edu: rally obedience (HDS: Karen B)susan S
8-Jan-20117Party planning: FEB (queeny park)mary
2-Jan-201112columbia bottom conservation areamary
29-Dec-20109arnold city parkmary
23-Dec-20104simpson parklura
19-Dec-201020lost valley trailmary, angie
17-Dec-20102queeny parkmary
5-Dec-20108howell island conservation areamary
4-Dec-201022Meeting: all members (urban eats)3 orgs
27-Nov-20108fort belle fontainegerry
26-Nov-20102st. stanislausmary
26-Nov-201013forest park (kennedy forest)janice, rene
21-Nov-20104busch conservation areamary
21-Nov-20105edu: dog body language (disc 1)gina
21-Nov-201017PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timelura, susan S
20-Nov-20105mastodon state parkrene
19-Nov-20104busch conservation areamary
14-Nov-20102edu: dog body language (disc 2)gina
14-Nov-20104quail ridge parkangie
12-Nov-201010wehner park (shewsbury)mary
7-Nov-20102tower grove parkjanice
7-Nov-20105pickle springs natural areamary
6-Nov-201014babler state parksue H
4-Nov-20103simpson parkbob
3-Nov-20102quail ridge parkangie
30-Oct-20108--notice: st. louis pet expo
30-Oct-201010yard party: all sizessusan S
29-Oct-20103sherman beachmary
24-Oct-20104horseshoe lake state parkmary
24-Oct-20109edu: dog body language (disc 2)gina
23-Oct-20101--notice: MO earthdogs fun days
23-Oct-20102--notice: fall frolic (wildwood)
23-Oct-20108washington state parkmary
21-Oct-20102Bark in the park: HSMO kick off party2 orgs
17-Oct-20101pekingese play hour (birthday party)chrissie
17-Oct-201022PoVp (rented Watering bowl)lura, susan S
16-Oct-20102weldon springssue H
16-Oct-201013lafayette parkrene
10-Oct-20104fort belle fontainegerry
10-Oct-20104edu: dog body language (disc 1)gina
10-Oct-201015--notice: canine Games (grey summit)mary, gina
9-Oct-20104--notice: 1 day dog park (kirkwood)gina
9-Oct-20106creve coeur park (Rally)janice
9-Oct-20108la barque creekmary
8-Oct-20105al foster trailmary
7-Oct-20104lower meramec river parkmary
5-Oct-20102simpson parklura
3-Oct-20109--notice: canine carnival (APA)gina
2-Oct-20102tail gate saledenise
2-Oct-20103broemmelsiek parkangie
29-Sep-20103simpson parkbob
25-Sep-20102Illinois: pick apples (eckerts) bellevillejanice
24-Sep-20102quail ridge parklura
23-Sep-20103Illinois: pick apples (eckerts) bellevillejanice
18-Sep-20106forest park 4 balloon racemary, rene
12-Sep-201037Party Anniversary: 3 years (treecourt)bob, gina
9-Sep-20105simpson parkgerry
5-Sep-20108fort belle fontainegerry
5-Sep-201011lafayette parkjanice
4-Sep-20107Party: Eric moves to Germanyeric
29-Aug-201024PoVp (rented Watering bowl)lura, susan S
28-Aug-20109yard party: medium to largeDianna
27-Aug-20108unger parkmary
26-Aug-20105simpson parklura
20-Aug-201013kirkwood farmers marketmary
17-Aug-20104forest park (steinberg)janice
17-Aug-20105simpson parklura
14-Aug-201013dine & learn (highlands)mary
1-Aug-201016PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timelura, susan S
31-Jul-20108fort belle fontainemary
31-Jul-201010yard party: small dogs (g yard)amy O
30-Jul-20103clydesdale county parkmary
28-Jul-20101whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
23-Jul-20104simpson parklura
19-Jul-20102simpson parklura
18-Jul-20107forest 44 conservation areamary
16-Jul-20109tower grove park and gelatorene
12-Jul-20103queeny parklura
10-Jul-20108yard party: medium/smalljanice
9-Jul-201010mastodon state parkmary
5-Jul-20107unger parkgerry
4-Jul-20109fort belle fontainegerry
3-Jul-201010greensfelder county parkmary
1-Jul-20107clydesdale county parkjanice
30-Jun-20108whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
29-Jun-20103unger parkgerry
26-Jun-20106millennium park (creve coeur)mary
25-Jun-20106brentwood pathmary
21-Jun-20106simpson parklura
20-Jun-20107yard party: big dogs (marys house)mary
19-Jun-20103lost valley trailmary
16-Jun-20102whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
14-Jun-20107queeny parklura
13-Jun-20107yard party: small dogsamy O
10-Jun-20104forest park (cricket field)janice
10-Jun-20107Meeting: organizer planningmary, gina
9-Jun-201011blackburn park (webster groves)gina
7-Jun-20109simpson parklura
6-Jun-20107fort belle fontainegerry
5-Jun-20107dine & learn (lunch) ob clarksmary
4-Jun-20104jefferson barracks county parkmary
2-Jun-20104queeny parklura
28-May-201011st. vincent county parkmary
23-May-20103young conservation areamary
23-May-20104edu: dog body language (disc 1)gina
22-May-201012pere marquette state parksue H, mary
19-May-20105simpson parkbob
15-May-20101forest park (bark in the park prewalk)janice
15-May-201025Bark in the park: HSMO4 members
12-May-20105forest park (grand basin)janice
11-May-20102edu: dog body language (disc 1)gina
7-May-20107fort belle fontainemary
5-May-20101boathouse (forest park)lauren B
5-May-201010simpson parkbob
30-Apr-20105minnie ha-ha parkmary
29-Apr-20108Bark in the park: (giveaway bag assembly)mary
27-Apr-20104simpson parklura
25-Apr-20105sherman beachmary
22-Apr-20107longview farm parkjanice
18-Apr-20102pekingese play hourchrissie
18-Apr-20103edu: dog body language (disc 1)gina
16-Apr-20105creve coeur parksue H
14-Apr-20106edu: dog body language (disc 1)gina
13-Apr-20108tower grove parkjanice
11-Apr-201012dine & learn (lunch) ob clarksmary
10-Apr-201017fundraiser: photo sessionsmary, gina
9-Apr-20105simpson parklura
7-Apr-20107queeny parkbob
2-Apr-20106west tyson parkmary
31-Mar-20106simpson parkbob
28-Mar-20107PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
28-Mar-201019PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timemary, gina
27-Mar-20104katy trailmary
26-Mar-201012creve coeur parksue H
24-Mar-20109simpson parkbob
21-Mar-20106pekingese play hourchrissie
19-Mar-20106jefferson barracks county parkmary
18-Mar-20105busch greenway/katy trailmary
17-Mar-20107simpson parkbob
13-Mar-201013dine & learn (brunch) chris’ pancakesmary
12-Mar-201012parade: st. pats day (kirkwood)mary, janice
5-Mar-20107meramec greenwaymary
4-Mar-20106columbia bottom conservation areamary
28-Feb-20107PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
28-Feb-201015PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timemary
27-Feb-201013columbia bottom conservation areamary
19-Feb-20109lost valley trailmary
17-Feb-20104simpson parklura
13-Feb-201016busch conservation areamary
7-Feb-201020parade: pooch pre-party (beggin strips)chrissie
3-Feb-20106simpson parklura
31-Jan-201010PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
31-Jan-201017PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timemary
30-Jan-201010lost valley trailmary
29-Jan-20102simpson parkmary
22-Jan-20106clydesdale county parkmary
16-Jan-20109st. stanislauseric
16-Jan-20109--notice: volunteers: MO for protection of dogsgina
13-Jan-20109queeny parkbob
31-Dec-20097simpson parkbob
29-Dec-20099fort belle fontaineeric
20-Dec-20093pekingese play hourchrissie
17-Dec-20096tower grove parkmary
11-Dec-20095longview farm parkmary
5-Dec-20096greensfelder county parkmary
3-Dec-20094bee tree county parkmary
28-Nov-20096carondolet parkjanice
22-Nov-20098PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
22-Nov-200920PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timemary
21-Nov-200910fort belle fontaineeric
8-Nov-200910simpson parkmary
7-Nov-200935Party Anniversary: 2 years (treecourt)mary, gina
4-Nov-20093blackburn park (webster groves)gina
28-Oct-20096blackburn park (webster groves)gina
24-Oct-20098st. stanislauseric
23-Oct-20094dog park: paw park, arnoldmary
22-Oct-20094forest park (jewell box)janice
18-Oct-20096pekingese play hourchrissie
17-Oct-20094Illinois: fundraiser 4 alton dog parksara
12-Oct-20093route 66 state parkmary
11-Oct-20094busch conservation areamay
10-Oct-20092busch conservation areamary
10-Oct-20094yard party: middle to littlejanice
9-Oct-20092clydesdale county parkmary
7-Oct-20092whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
7-Oct-20097boathouse (forest park)mary
2-Oct-20099emmenegger nature parkmary
27-Sep-200910--notice: canine games (gray summit)mary, gina
26-Sep-20096yard party: small dogsjanice
26-Sep-20097broemmelsiek parkmary
20-Sep-20098PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
19-Sep-20095--notice: walk for farm animalssara
15-Sep-20091mcnair park (st. charles)lacey
13-Sep-20094yard party: all sizesbecky
11-Sep-20098hawn state park (ste. genevieve)mary
8-Sep-20092mcnair park (st. charles)lacey
6-Sep-20098whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
4-Sep-20098queeny parkmary
1-Sep-20094mcnair park (st. charles)lacey
30-Aug-200913PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timemary
29-Aug-20094mastodon state parkmary
26-Aug-200910broemmelsiek parklacey
23-Aug-20095creve coeur parkjanice
23-Aug-200912fundraiser: dog washkim
21-Aug-20098lower meramec river parkmary
19-Aug-20099simpson parkbob
18-Aug-20091mcNair park (st. charles)lacey
16-Aug-200913yard party: all sizesbecky
15-Aug-200920day trip: float trip down riversara
12-Aug-20095simpson parkbob
11-Aug-20094creve coeur parkjanice
9-Aug-20097blackburn park (webster groves)gina
5-Aug-20098simpson parkbob
4-Aug-20094mcNair park (st. charles)lacey
1-Aug-20097whitecliff park (crestwood)gina
31-Jul-20094simpson parkbob
26-Jul-20099PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
23-Jul-20097university city (Easy Walkers) the lionsjanice
22-Jul-20095dog park: dusable, st. charlessue H
22-Jul-200915simpson parkbob
19-Jul-20095yard party: middle to little (becky)becky
18-Jul-20099dine & learn (lunch) dewey’smary
17-Jul-20099lost valley trailmary
16-Jul-20096carondelet parkjanice
12-Jul-20095carondelet parkjanice
11-Jul-20097yard party: small dogsgina
10-Jul-20096laumeier sculpture parkmary
9-Jul-200910simpson parkbob
8-Jul-20092al foster trailbob
3-Jul-20096jefferson barracks county parkmary
1-Jul-20098simpson parkbob
27-Jun-20095babler state parkbob
24-Jun-20093route 66 state parkbob
20-Jun-20099yard party: small dogsgina
17-Jun-20099simpson parkbob
14-Jun-20099willmore parkjanice
13-Jun-200910emmenegger nature parkmary
12-Jun-200911dog park: paw park, arnoldmary
11-Jun-20099willmore parkjanice
7-Jun-20094greensfelder county parkmary
31-May-200912PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
31-May-200912PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie, mary
30-May-20095chubb trailjacqui H
29-May-200919dog park: dusable, st. charlesmary
27-May-20096simpson parkbob
24-May-20094busch conservation areamary
24-May-20099tower grove (Easy Walkers)janice
22-May-20096yard party: small dogsjanice
20-May-20099route 66 state parkbob
16-May-200920Bark in the park: HSMOmary, gina
15-May-20097edu: try tracking (Mary)mary
14-May-20094Meeting: swap dog stuff swap. eveningmary
10-May-20098forest 44 conservation areamary
5-May-20096tower grove (Easy Walkers)janice
3-May-20092craft: make dog scarvesgina
30-Apr-20098dine & learn (evening)mary
26-Apr-20098PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
26-Apr-200911PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
24-Apr-20098hillsboro: valley view gladesmary
19-Apr-20091forest park (Easy Walkers)janice
17-Apr-200911creve coeur parkmary
11-Apr-200913busch conservation areamary
8-Apr-200916edu: ask the trainer (friend of Marys)mary
7-Apr-20095forest park (Easy Walkers)janice
4-Apr-20098edu: sports sampler (HSMO)mary
3-Apr-20092busch conservation areamary
29-Mar-200911PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
29-Mar-200914PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
25-Mar-20097simpson parkbob
21-Mar-200917st. stanislauseric
18-Mar-20098simpson parkbob
15-Mar-20099PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
14-Mar-200915sherman beachmary
13-Mar-20097lower meramec greenwaymary
11-Mar-20094simpson parkbob
8-Mar-200910PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
7-Mar-200918fort bellefontaineeric
6-Mar-20099bridgeton: missouri river greenwaymary
28-Feb-20097edu: tricks training (HSMO)mary
28-Feb-20099howell island conservation areamary
27-Feb-20098jefferson barracks county parkmary
22-Feb-200914PoVp (rented HDS): small: indoor socialgina
22-Feb-200917PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
14-Feb-20098lost valley trailjacqui H
13-Feb-200910clydesdale county parkmary
8-Feb-200915PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
1-Feb-200915al foster trailmary
30-Jan-20098simpson parkmary
25-Jan-200918PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
18-Jan-200930PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
11-Jan-200919PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
10-Jan-20099columbia bottom conservation areaeric
3-Jan-200917lost valley trailmary
2-Jan-20097simpson parkmary
1-Jan-20097klondike park, st. Charlesmary
17-Dec-20083simpson parkbob
12-Dec-20086cliff cave park (lunch after)mary
7-Dec-200820PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
5-Dec-20085greensfelder county parkmary
3-Dec-20086simpson parkbob
28-Nov-20085fort belle fontainemary
22-Nov-20086howell island conservation areamary
21-Nov-20088howell island conservation areamary
14-Nov-20082sherman beachmary
12-Nov-20087simpson parkbob
7-Nov-20088al foster trailmary
5-Nov-20088simpson parkbob
1-Nov-20089chubb trailmary
31-Oct-200810chubb trailmary
26-Oct-200819PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
24-Oct-20083queeny parkmary
22-Oct-20084simpson parkbob
19-Oct-200815emmenegger nature parkmary
17-Oct-20086creve coeur parkmary
15-Oct-20084simpson parkbob
11-Oct-20088day trip: ozark (bell mountain trail)mary
8-Oct-20083simpson parkbob
5-Oct-2008--notice: apa canine carnival
4-Oct-200817off leash meetup: football field runnettie
3-Oct-20085lewis & clark trail: weldon springsmary
1-Oct-20084simpson parkbob
28-Sep-200815PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
26-Sep-20086jefferson barracks county parkmary
19-Sep-20087fort belle fontainemary
5-Sep-20083mcdonnel county parkmary
31-Aug-2008--notice: free 1 hour seminar: potty training
30-Aug-20087young conservation areamary
24-Aug-2008--notice: free 1 hour seminar: behavior & manners
22-Aug-20086george winter county park, fentonmary
17-Aug-20089PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
16-Aug-20088broemmelsiek parkmary
10-Aug-2008--notice: afternoon with dog behavioral consultant
8-Aug-20089clydesdale county parkmary
7-Aug-20082dog swim: mcnair park poolmary
3-Aug-20083--notice: your dog can be a dock dogmary
26-Jul-20084babler state parkformer mem
25-Jul-20081lower meramec river parkmary
20-Jul-200812PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
19-Jul-20084Illinois: meetup for Amandamary
18-Jul-20085al foster trailmary
12-Jul-20082laumier sculpture parkmary
11-Jul-20083mastodon state parkmary
1-Jul-200812Meeting: 2 brainstorm (CJ Mugss)mary, nettie
28-Jun-20087castlewoodformer mem
20-Jun-20085emmenegger nature parkmary
13-Jun-20082weldon springsmary
8-Jun-20082off leash meetup (tennis court)nettie
7-Jun-20087dog scouts of americamary
6-Jun-20084forest 44 conservation areamary
4-Jun-2008--notice: paws on parade (quail ridge park)
31-May-2008--notice: carnival & adoption (petropolis)
31-May-2008--notice: dog days of summer (st. charles, MO)
30-May-20085bee tree county parkmary
25-May-20089dog scouts of americamary
23-May-20088canine country: guests of Marymary
18-May-2008--notice: pet fest ’08, airedale antics (maplewood)
17-May-200825Bark in the park: HSMOmary, nettie
10-May-200813PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
10-May-2008--notice: missouri earthdogs fun day
9-May-20083babler state parkmary
28-Apr-2008--notice: bulldogs are beautiful day
27-Apr-20085off leash meetupnettie
27-Apr-2008--notice: international day of the dog
26-Apr-200814PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
25-Apr-20085west tyson parkmary
20-Apr-20084off leash meetup (tennis court)nettie
18-Apr-20085young conservation areamary
12-Apr-20084greensfelder county parkmary
6-Apr-20087off leash meetupnettie
29-Mar-200817PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
20-Mar-20081off leash meetup (tennis court)nettie
15-Mar-20089columbia bottom conservation areamary
9-Mar-20084off leash meetupnettie
8-Mar-200821PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
8-Mar-2008--notice: easter egg hunt & pic (lucky dog, webster)
2-Mar-200811off leash meetup (tennis court)nettie
24-Feb-2008--notice: greyhound companion brentwood petsmart
23-Feb-200820PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timenettie
16-Feb-200818PoVp (rented HDS): indoor play timemary
5-Jan-20086young conservation areamary
8-Dec-20074kirkwood parkmary