Canine Games 2018

Volunteer at the games…

SLAD reserved one 10×10 space (booth) on Dog Club Row, at the Canine Games for Oct 7, 2018.
A free opportunity to promote the club to several hundred people.
Get directions to Purina Event Center. — Look at PDF map of the grounds.

Sep 15 message from Jeff Pech, …the vendor/dog group area will be along the sidewalk between the visitors center and the Incredible Dog arena – very high traffic. Look for stakes in the ground with your name on it. Your space will be around 12′ wide and you can probably go back 20+ feet if you wish. Please remember, no electricity available. Bring your own canopy and chairs if needed. Set up as early as you like on Sunday October 7th – as long as you are ready to go by 10:00am. Event runs from 10am – 4pm Rain or Shine. Last year was just short of 400 dogs registered.

Plans so far:
— Joe designed promo to handout. Gina printing it at FedEx.
— Joe suggested dog photo decorations for the booth. In progress.
— Pat suggested give away bag: dog cookie & club info sheet or bCard.
— Maryellen asked about raffling a basket. There was no objection. (status ???)

READ LIST of items needed for the day, see it below chart.

People volunteering so far: Gina, Maryellen, Joe, Pat & Don, Diane L, Patti W and four people from PetShack developers of an app called PawCity.

Depending on the shift, volunteers help set up booth, hang out, smile, chat with visitors, promote SLAD, help take down the booth and pack into Maryellens car, etc.

Time Activity Shift People
08:45 am set up booth A maryellen, gina
09:30 CG registration opens A maryellen, gina, joe
10:00 CG officially begins A  maryellen, patti, joe
10:30 greet, chat, promote A  maryellen, gina, joe
11:00 greet, chat, promote A  maryellen, gina, joe
11:30 greet, chat, promote B joe, diane, etc
12:00 pm greet, chat, promote B  diane, pat, don, etc
12:30 greet, chat, promote B  diane, pat, don, etc
01:00 greet, chat, promote B  pat, don, diane, PS
01:30 greet, chat, promote B  pat, don, diane, PS
02:00 greet, chat, promote C PetShack, etc
02:30 greet, chat, promote C PetShack, etc
03:00 greet, chat, start packing up C  maryellen, patti, etc
03:30 tear down booth C  available people
04:00 CG officially ends C  go home

Item LIST of things needed / being brought
— Canopy: Tie downs & Weights  (Maryellen)
— Canopy sides  (Maryellen)
— Fire extinguisher  (Maryellen & Joe)
— Folding table  (Maryellen)
— Chairs  (everyone bring your own)
— Snacks (everyone bring one non perishable item)
— FAN: battery powered  (Gina & anyone who has one)
— Booth decoration: (Joe putting photos together)
— Cello gift bags, small: approx 150 qty (club resources/Gina)
<<DRY dog cookies for gift bags. (??? pending)
— Club Buttons & aprons  (club resources/Gina)
— Club Signs: six, 11 x 17 laminated  (Gina at FedEx)
— Club Printed promo item:  (Joe/Patti/ Gina at FedEx)
— Club Printed business cards:  (club resources/Gina printed at home)
— Club Promo holders  (Maryellen & Gina)
— Club Promo binder w/info & pics  (Gina printed at home)
— Dog poop bags  (Maryellen & Gina)
— Hand sanitizer  (Maryellen & Gina)
— Sun screen, bug spray  (everyone)
— Name tags  (Maryellen & Gina)
— Scissors, Tape, Pens, Markers  (Maryellen & Gina)
— Paper towels, rags  (Maryellen & everyone)
— Trash bags &/or trash can  (Maryellen & Gina)
— Totes/tubs with lids  (Maryellen & Gina)

One thought on “Canine Games 2018

  1. AlphaDog Post author

    (Sep 18) Pat said: I have some big baskets won at other raffles if you need one. Probably have some dog stuff for it too.

    (Sep 18) Maryellen asked: Are we going to do a raffle? I have some dog stuff… can put together a basket. Or if someone else want to? Will bring small bits of paper for people to write their info on. Have a box to hold the entries. And a sign that says Drawing at 2:00pm, must pick up by 3:00pm.

    (Sep 16) Maryellen said: I will be there all day – but will not be at the booth the entire time. I’m going to pack a lunch and bring it with me. Concession stand food available but 🙁

    (Sep 16) Maryellen said: …I have zip ties which could be used to hang stuff from canopy. Also, in the past I have used large tape to secure signs to the poles of the canopy. And we can tape things to hang from the folding tables. Just keep in mind that outdoor events are usually very windy – so things not secured will blow away!

    Jeff Pech says: We expect between 400–500 dog entries with an attendance of several hundred people, including the general public who visit Purina Farms on the weekend.

    (Sep 15) Gina said: Joe if you want to tackle the decoration thing, go for it. Try using these photos.

    (Sep 05) Gina H said: Canine Games announcement on club Facebook page reached 1,108 people. If the weather is decent, it might be a huge event this year. Mid September let’s revisit and work on finalizing our plans.

    (Aug 31) Message from Jeff Pech: “I was wondering if STL All Dogs would be interested in volunteering around 15 people to help at the Canine Games. I would be willing to donate to the club about $250 for 10 people and $300 for 15 people. It would be from 10am to 4pm, and of course does not have to be the same people the whole time, just 15 bodies during that time. Let me know what you think.

    Joe said: Extra cash towards club would be nice! But 15 people doesn’t seem realistic to me

    Pat said: Would like to do it but I don’t know how we could get 10 to help since we can’t even get that many for our booth

    Maryellen said: If Jeff wants 10 people for 6 hours and you create a schedule with two hour shifts, that would require 30 people to sign up. Correct? I really doubt that would be do-able.

    Susan C said: Yeah, since it’s the whole time for 10 people that’s a big commitment. I know people want to play games with their dogs too. Maybe next year if we have a bigger group? He just hit us at transition time

    Gina H said: I flat out don’t see SLAD having enough people to fill Jeff’s request. BTW, he didn’t mention what the volunteers would be doing. I wonder if Karen’s group would be interested in his offer.

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