Organizer notes

Add this TEXT to bottom of your Event Description.

Follow Club Guidelines, AND this event may be canceled (or rescheduled) if there are no attendees, or unusual weather conditions. If canceled, an email notification will be sent to those who signed up.

Add these two QUESTIONS to each club event; find the field under ‘optional settings’ named ‘Ask members a question’.

Remember to SEND in or SHOW your dogs up-to-date vaccination documentation at least one time. —

Members of Saint Louis All Dogs pay $10 dues each year. Read details —

When members bring and show their vaccination documents at your walk or event, please take a focused PHOTO of the page(s) and email them to — Some details will be marked in club database and the email filed in club email account.

Remember to do these:

— Canceling an event. Try to avoid cancellations. If you scheduled an event and suddenly have a conflict, please ask other organizers if they can take over the event and host it for you. You can even ask if the members who signed up for the event are comfortable in hosting it. Sometimes they’re just as familiar with the location or trail, as you are. — If no can run the event in your place, or if the weather has gone bad, then cancel.

— Arrive EARLY for your event. At least 10-15 minutes early; to set up, survey the area for possible problems, or in case members arrive early too. Arriving early lets the walk begin on time.

— Introduce yourself before the walk begins and ask everyone else to do the same. Look at what they’re wearing. What is their dogs name. Ask if anyone needs to leave early. Make arrangements as needed. Ask if anyone will need assistance on steep hills or tricky footing.

— We walk together for companionship and safety, so keep the group together. People walk at different paces, we don’t want to leave anybody behind! Keep an eye on who is walking slower. If somebody has to stop to pick up after their dog, please be considerate and wait for him/her.

— Wait for everyone to gather at a trail split or turn. If the group splits up, the lead-group of walkers need to stop and wait, for all hikers to gather at a trail split (or a turn). Organizers should be mindful of where along the trail all the members are. Members should hang with a buddy, avoid letting people walk alone. Goal, keep all walkers on the same trail and have all of them end up at the same destination.

— Recap what occurred. After the event is over and done, return to the event page and add a comment explaining what attendees experienced. This is a nice touch that all members enjoy.

— Please take Attendance. After any of your events, please mark attendance. Find the options on the attendees list and touch the three DOTS to the right of each members  name (same dots smartphone and desktop). Choices are: Flag as “No-show” -or- Move to “Didn’t go”.

— Please take Attendance. After any of your events, please mark attendance. Find the options on the attendees list and touch the three DOTS to the right of each members  name (same dots smartphone and desktop). Choices are: Flag as “No-show” -or- Move to “Didn’t go”.

Contacting members via Meetup

— Contact the group: via Desktop with browser. Available while logged in via browser on desktop browser. Look under Manage group and choose, Contact members. There are various fields to fill out on the form. Can create custom lists of who to contact.

— Contact the group: via Smartphone using the mobile Meetup. Touch the three DOTS on top right hand corner of screen, next to share icon. Choose, Contact members. This option seems to be linked to your email address. It doesn’t offer special features.

— Contact individual: via Desktop with browser. Click the members tab/link and select a member. Click their name which opens their details. Use the ‘Message’ link located under their name. Click the message link and fill out form.

— Contact individual: via Smartphone using the mobile Meetup app. Click the members tab/link. Scroll thru list or Search for a member. To right of their name is the message ICON. Or click their name which opens their details and touch the message ICON.

The Meetup message board and the Meetup mailing list were disabled by Gina on February 10, 2019 due to lack of effectiveness. These features were hard to find and members weren’t using them.

Declined pending membership. For each person declined, include the message shown below. (Co-Organizer or Assistant Organizer task)

<their name here>
We regret to say, your request for membership with the dog club Saint Louis All Dogs has been declined due to unfinished requirements.

We emailed a message via Meetup asking for the missing profile information (or clarification on a vague profile answer); and waited a minimum of 30 days to hear back from you.

Sorry we didn’t connect. Try again in the near future.

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