Mission Statement

Saint Louis All Dog is a 501(c)(7) dog walking club located in the Saint Louis metropolitan area of Missouri.

Saint Louis All Dogs is a dog activity cooperative that was formed by its members to safely exercise and socialize their dogs and themselves. Members and their dogs enjoy activities and in a variety of locations. Members support each other in their pursuit of enjoying their dogs, learning more about them so they can better connect and interact with their pet dogs. Saint Louis All Dogs members act as exemplars of caring, involved and responsible dog owners to the Saint Louis metropolitan community.

Saint Louis All Dogs encourages responsible, caring dog ownership in the Saint Louis community by providing online resources, activities for members and outreach to the public (via Facebook) to educate and expose people to the variety of activities and training they can do with and for their own pet dogs.

The collection of dog-related resources available on the Saint Louis All Dogs clubhouse (website) promotes local events, services, products and provides the public with general information on dog health and care.

Saint Louis All Dogs was granted exempt 501(c)(7) status July of 2013.

— Club Bylaws