Hosting yard parties

When you’re ready to Host a Doggie Yard Party… post a discussion on Meetup requesting assistance and one of the Event Organizers will get you started. The EO will fill out event form and email the initial announcement. If you don’t want your home address listed on the event, the EO can email the location directions to members who signed-up to attend. The EO will attend the yard party assisting with greeting, watching and managing the dogs. Taking attendance too.

Yard Party Hosts get to dictate what happens at the yard party. When it begins, how long it lasts. How many dogs can attend. What size dogs can attend, etc. It’s a yard party, so guests are restricted to the outdoors, unless otherwise specified by the yard party host.

The Host can choose to provide human refreshments, snacks, treats. OR the host can ask attendees to BYOBB (bring their own bottled beverage). Either way is fine.

The Yard Party Host should…
–Want to have dogs visit their (fenced) yard to hang out, run and play.
–Provide a secure fenced yard. Be sure to block all escape routes, jump over or wiggle under spots.
–Provide a clean yard, poo picked up.
–Provide a few neutral toys.
–Provide fresh water and bowls or buckets for the dogs to drink from.
–Provide a place to dispose of bagged dog poo.
–Provide some seating. (or request members bring their own).
–Set up barriers around special plants and areas the dogs should stay out of and not pee on.

The assisting Event Organizer will need this information:
–Date the party should occur. Provide at least ONE alternate date.
–Address where yard party will occur.
–What size dogs are allowed to attend. Specify weights.
–How many dogs are allowed to attend.
–What time should event begin.
–What time should event end.
–How much shade (or sun) does the yard offer?
–Are there problem spots in the yard that members should be aware of?
–Phone number (for Event Organizer use only).
–How/where should attendees enter the yard. When facing house will it be the left or right side.
–What color is your house? Are there unique ornaments or items that make it easily recognized.
–When finding your home, is there anything special people need to know? Landmarks, business? Are there one-way roads or dead ends to avoid?
–Where should or shouldn’t attendees park? On street, in driveway, specify location.

During the hot months, some form of shade is necessary for both the dogs and the humans. Shade trees, large patio umbrellas, overhangs, are all good. Also, a wading pool is a nice addition. If a host doesn’t have one, be sure to request one be brought by another attending member.