Saint Louis All Dog is a 501(c)(7) Saint Louis Missouri area dog walking socialization club.

We’ve changed over the years…

2018 September 1 Saint Louis All Dogs officially moved back to Meetup using it to host their events for members. The club website is a knowledge repository and place to post information for the public, such as the Dog Notices STL calendar.

2017 November club members still go on walks and activities, weather permitting.

2013 July Saint Louis All Dogs was granted 501(c)(7) status.

2012 October 28 Saint Louis All Dogs dismantled the group on Meetup.com and focused on using their own website / clubhouse and the Facebook page.

2012 September Saint Louis All Dogs Bylaws accepted.

2012 July Saint Louis All Dogs completed and received a State of Missouri, Articles of Incorporation of a Nonprofit Corporation, certificate. They voted on their bylaws and various accounts were set up. Arranged meeting with WULS Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Clinic.

2012 January 18 the new website launched. Since the group no longer resided on Meetup, the group name was changed to Saint Louis All Dogs. Members began to register on the new site.

2011 January Meetup.com rolled out the first of several major interface changes that upset and confused nearly all their paying organizers. Saint Louis All Dogs members were at a loss for how to proceed and Gina suggested to Mary that they consider finding some other network. This was agreed upon and the search began.

After extensive research, Gina and Mary realized that the group needed administrative features and group functionality that Meetup.com did not offer. The ladies discussed the matter with several other members and March of 2011 Gina’s husband, Jeff suggested building their own website; that he would help. Testing and website creation was worked on all through 2011 and eventually an independent website was designed and constructed.

2009 the health of Nettie’s husband demanded her attention and February 2010 he passed away. Nettie’s involvement in the group declined. Mary and Gina filled the gap and began to rethink the group structure and started writing group guidelines and making simple plans for the future.

The group members hosted hundreds of events for the membership from the time of it’s creation up through December 2010. During the entire time, Meetup.com made occasional and then more frequent changes to their web environment. Some of the changes were agreeable and others were disruptive and caused significant changes to group activities and flow.

2008 February Nettie approached Mary and suggested that they merge their two meetup groups into one; renaming the group Saint Louis Active & Off-Leash Dogs Meetup. They reached an agreement and merged. Each of them continued to create and organize the events that interested them and the whole membership benefited.

A couple of months after Nettie and Mary had merged their groups, Gina approached them asking about merging her group into theirs too. Mary and Nettie quickly agreed and Gina suggested the name Saint Louis All Dogs Meetup. The name was fitting as they welcomed all dogs and all dog owners.

2008 January Gina H started Saint Louis Small Dogs Meetup on Meetup.com. Gina wanted to find other small dogs to socialize with her little dog Bebe. Gina offered play activities in and around the Saint Louis Metro.

2007 Fall Nettie T started Saint Louis Off-Leash Dogs Meetup on Meetup.com as a way to socialize her young Great Dane, Lucy Pearl. Nettie offered off-leash play times at school athletic fields in Rock Hill and Webster Groves.

2007 November Mary L started Saint Louis Active Dogs Meetup on the social network Meetup.com. Mary created the group because she wanted human company on the long daily hikes that she was taking with her border collie mix, Monkey, and beagle, Scooter.

Meetup.com is a social network.