Dining in public

Do your homework. Before bringing your dog to any public location, call and ask or look at the website and verify which rules and regulations will apply. The following dining with dogs list of guidelines can apply to any restaurant that accepts dogs on their property. 

01. All dogs must be on a leash at all times.

02. Dogs are NOT allowed in any area where there is a drop ceiling, this includes bathrooms, gallery, bar, and of course the kitchen.

03. All dogs must be current on vaccinations, and show no signs of illness.

04. Aggression of any kind will not be tolerated.

05. If your dog has an accident, ask for items to clean up the mess. Restaurant staff is strictly prohibited from cleaning up after dogs.

06. No barking, this is disruptive to everyone.

07. Do not allow dogs to jump on patrons or servers.

08. Keep dogs out of walkways and doorways to avoid accidents.

09. No wet dogs, please.

10. You and your dogs should stay outside while you are waiting for a table. Dogs should not linger inside.

11. Dogs should be kept on the opposite side of the table from where your server will be taking your order, and serving you.

12. Not all dogs are dog friendly, please keep your dog from greeting other dogs without permission.