About Us

Saint Louis All Dog is a 501(c)(7) dog walking club located in the Saint Louis metropolitan area of Missouri.

Lots of walks. Some activities. A couple parties. Some meetings.

Dog walking groups such as Saint Louis All Dogs, are a fun and easy way to give pet dogs various outlets for their physical and mental energy. Friendly mixed and pure breed dogs of all sizes and ages are invited to join.

Select Saint Louis All Dogs members can plan and host events for the group (on Meetup.com). There are lots of walks, occasional hikes, some parties, a bit of education and every so often fundraisers are attended. Event variety and frequency is based on the available time and skills of individual organizers and the whims of the weather.

Event locations vary, walk and hike lengths vary too; ranging from one mile up to three or four miles. Some walks occur in city parks and might end at local businesses that accept well behaved dogs on their property; members grab a bite to eat and socialize. And occasionally there is a walk or hike in remote and wilderness areas.

Saint Louis All Dogs members range from first time owners who have everything to learn, up to those with years of experience, including a few with advanced skills. Saint Louis All Dogs encourages responsible dog ownership.

Dues and donations
Saint Louis All Dogs is member maintained and sustained by dues. To help cover operating costs members are asked to pay a yearly dues contribution. — Learn more

Conditions of membership
Understand your legal and human responsibilities as a member of Saint Louis All Dogs by reading the Club Guidelines, plus the clubs Terms & Conditions and the Responsible dog ownership page.

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History of Saint Louis All Dogs

Missions Statement Saint Louis All Dogs

Photos from club events and archives

Website: this club website as a knowledge library, to keep current on STL Dog Notices (calendar), review places to walk, and more.

Meetup: The Meetup group is where club members discuss, plan and host club events.

Facebook: the public page is used to keep non-members posted on important topics and generate a bit of promotion.