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What time of year can you typically expect to see a tick?
In the Southern states (TX, OK, GA, etc) there can be two tick seasons, starting with the first warm days of March. A decline normally occurs during the heat of the summer but ticks return again during late August and September. The North states (PA, NY, WI) have a tick season from May to September.

Where do ticks hide?
On vertical surfaces up to about three feet in height. Under trees and in the bark of trees, shrubs, tall grass and clinging to bits of vegetation hanging across or on side of a trail. In warm, damp, or moist areas of a yard. On fences, porches and wood piles.

The risk of infection increases according to the time the tick is attached… from the start of the feeding, before a disease is transferred. –(source)

Why detaching ticks from dogs is so important?
Many flea and tick collars on the market today will kill a percentage of the ticks found on dogs. But approximately 50% of the dead ticks will remain attached to the dog. Improper removal of the tick can leave behind infectious mouth parts and fluids.

In Missouri the Lone star tick is reported to be one of the most aggressive ticks and actually will pursue a potential host a relatively long distance. The female of this species is easily identified by the white dot in the center of her back.

The American dog tick is found throughout most of the United States. Newly hatched larvae are yellow. Adults are brown. Blood-engorged females become slate gray. –source

Wood tick removal tools

1) Tick KEY available at sporting goods shops and some pet stores.

2) Tick TOOL

Flea & Tick control compatibility chart for dogs
— Doctors Foster and Smith

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