Dog park proposal

By | Feb 24, 2019

A dog park is typically a fenced section of land where people and their dogs can hang out, socialize or play. Sizes vary. Many dog parks are only for municipality residents who have paid the established fees. Some are private and by paid membership only. A few are free and open to the public.

Before you can build, you should: gather a core group of committed dog park activists who are willing to participate in the process of…. holding public meetings to demonstrate interest and need. Educating people on the need to be responsible dog owners and what that entails. Writing a clear mission statement that details the need and purpose of the park, stressing the benefits to dog owners, their canine companions, and the greater community. Choosing a location/site. Writing a budget. Writing a proposal. Show there is interest and support. Talk to your city council members and the director of your department of parks and recreation. Have meetings. Be patient and flexible. Each municipality will dictate different requirements.

Google web search : writing a dog park proposal
Be sure to read and compare as many websites suggestions and information as possible, take notes for future reference. The AKC link (establishing a dog park) covers a lot of valuable details.

Template for writing a dog park proposal
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The really hard work starts after your city officials approve the proposal! Your group will need to raise sufficient funds to build, maintain and manage the park for many years. Next is the actual construction process. Plan and manage daily operations. Strategies for managing people, educating members about doggie play stylesdog body language; keeping the park a safe place to visit. And so much more.