Dog activities

By | Feb 1, 2019 provides a long list of things people can do with their dogs; that include brief descriptions and links to more details.

Agility – in, out, over and through. teamwork.
Animal Assisted Activities or Therapy – soothe a lonely heart.
Bikejoring – running and teamwork adds fun.
Canicross – cross country running with appropriate dogs.
Carting – channel the desire to pull into harness work.
Day trips and vacations – bring them along when you travel.
Disc Dog or Flying Disc – running and jumping with achievement.
Dock Jumping or Dock Diving – run faster, jump further and better.
Dog Camps – vacation with your dog and sample a variety of activities.
Dog Parks and Dog Walks: a joy for the social dog.
Dog Scootering – running and teamwork.
Earthdog Trials – instinct, drive, and flying dirt.
Flyball – excitement, speed, and focus.
Flygility – racing and teamwork.
Games – practicing skills of hunting, fetching, working together.
Herding – instinct and desire to control and direct movement.
Hiking, Backpacking – sharing quiet moments.
Hunt and Field Trials – working as a team.
Kids and Dogs – learning to keep it safe and fun.
Lure coursing – running with purpose.
Mushing – pulling people who want to let them.
Musical Freestyle – working with rhythm and coordination.
Obedience – precision, focus, and getting it exactly right.
Performance Art (Tricks) – curiosity and a willingness to try new things.
Pet Facilitated Therapy – loves attention, gets to visit people in need.
Precision Drill Teams – excitement, challenges, teamwork.
Pulling – dogs who love to pull, and people who want to let them.
Racing – love running and being faster than the next one.
Rally Obedience – focus on fun relaxed teamwork, less precision.
Ring Sport – some dogs thrive on responsibility.
Rollerblade – dogs and humans to share exercise.
Schutzhund – tracking, obedience, protection.
Search and Rescue – making a difference is important.
Skijoring – dogs love to pull, people love to ski.
Sniffer Dog
Stock Dog Trials
Treibball – herding balls instead of sheep.
Visiting Pets
Water Work
Weight Pulling

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