Toxins in toys

By | Dec 18, 2018

Giving your pet dog a child’s toy might turn deadly. We all know dogs demolish stuffed toys. Example: dog tears apart a child’s teddy bear, swallows some of it and becomes very sick. When operated on a huge gelatin type mess was found in the bowel. It wasn’t an obstruction. The dog died. On a quest to find out what the gel was (that killed the dog), the vet called the manufacturer of the Teddy Bear. Turns out the stuffing in children’s toys contains ingredients for flame retardants and mite control! It is designed to become a gel and is highly toxic.

Do not give or buy your dog any children’s stuffed animals. Some people get them at Goodwill etc. Maybe some children’s toys do not have the gel ingredient, but better to be safe than sorry. Make sure all your dog toys are for dogs.

CHECK these websites for details on toxic substances. — lists the results of tests checking for toxic substances (lead, mercury, arsenic, and others) in all kinds of items (baby toys, household items & more). Search their site using the word, PET. — dogs do get poisoned by lead, especially when remodeling. If you live in a home built before 1978, please get advice on how to paint or remodel safely.

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