Lights & reflective gear

By | Oct 4, 2018

Get ILLUMINATED and be visible to drivers at dusk, dawn, night, fog or rain. Wear reflective clothing or battery powered lights. Why is this important? Many drivers have poor vision and most walkers, dog walkers, runners, etc are hard to see. Do everyone a favor and get illuminated.

These products will help.

SpotLit L.E.D Pet Light – A battery-powered L.E.D. light that you can clip securely to your pet’s collar, keeping your pet visible at night.  It is made of durable plastic and its bright light is activated by squeezing the back of the light.  It’s a good way to keep your dog safe and visible when you’re out walking in the early morning or late evening. Humans can easily clip them on too.

Reflective Vest with real 3M Scotchlite – The reflective tape is COMPLETELY around the vest at waist, Most other mesh vests have NO reflective tape at all on waist. Be Visible in LOW LIGHT as well with our fluorescent vest with premium daytime, early morning and late afternoon illumination.

Advanced Visibility Gear – several designs to choose from for humans and dogs. Made by NoxGear.

3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape – May be used wherever low light or night-time light reflectivity is needed to increase visibility. Pressure-sensitive adhesive adheres to clean, smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, smooth wood or painted surfaces. Conformability allows for use on most contoured and curved surfaces.

3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Woven Fabric 8932, Silver – It offers high reflection values for high-visibility clothing. Attach by sewing on fabric.

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