Party games

By | Aug 16, 2018

Game ideas we’ve found, played, dreamed up.

For dogs
Peanut Butter Spoons – Run this game twice – first with small dogs, then with large dogs. Put a similar amount of peanut butter on plastic spoons and hand to the person. Wait for all dog teams to have a spoon. At the sound of GO, handlers let their dog lick the spoon. First clean spoon wins!

Hot Dog Dunk – For each dog, take a hot dog (preferably all natural) and cut into 10 slices. Throw them in a kiddie pool and see how long it takes the dog to eat them. Fastest dog wins!

Dog Painting – This is one of my favorites! I did a dog painting at my Gotcha Day party. Mix together corn starch, flour, water and food coloring (safe for dogs) to desired consistency and color. Put paint on dog’s paws with a sponge, put them on paper and let them go at it!

Bones in a Haystack – This is a great game for a Howl-o-ween pawty! Throw a few treat bones in a haystack. Fastest dog to sniff ’em out wins!

For human & dog team
Snoopy Says – Humans form a line with their dog and play a variation of the game Simon Says. Game leader gives commands like, Snoopy says sit. Snoopy says down your dog. Dogs must perform the command. The last dog still in game, wins!

Choose a word ‘DOG” or whatever word you want to use. There are two teams. One person stands up and gives their dog a command – it can be anything. Then someone on the other team has to do the exact same trick. If they can’t complete it in 30 seconds (or however long you want) that team gets a D. The first team that spells DOG loses.

Bet You Didn’t Train Your Dog That – Obstacle Course. Set up an obstacle course of things that people probably wouldn’t have taught their dogs to do. So for instance, have bar jumps but the dogs have to go under the jumps instead of over. Have a ball on a pylon and the dog has to knock the ball off. Or ring a bell hanging from a post, etc.

Pin the tail on the Cat – Draw or print a cat without a tail. Attach the picture securely to a wall at a low level where the dog guests can reach it with their noses. Using a piece of string or ribbon with double-sided tape attached to one end, each guest must try to attempt to get his/her dog to attach the tail to the cat. Whichever “tail” ends up in the spot closest to where the tail belongs on a cat, is the winner.

Musical Mats – With a radio or cd player, place one less number of mats around the floor as dogs participating in game. The music starts, then is stopped and dogs must sit on closest mat. The dog without a mat is out. Remove a mat and repeat game until only one dog remains! The winner.

Frisbee – see which team (human and pup) can throw and catch the furthest!

Simon Says – With humans and their dogs. Humans form a circle with their dogs while someone gives the Simon commands. The humans walk around in a circle when the command is given. The last team to do the trick, is out! Last dog in, wins!

Tournament of tricks – Even the laziest dog can usually do some sort of trick, especially if motivated by a tasty treat. Take a quick poll of your neighbors to figure out what your community canines can do and then design the tournament and winning categories based on those responses. Some suggestions are Most Original, Most Athletic and Best Hound/Human cooperation. You might also include Best Doggie Drama for those pups with a penchant for theatrics.

For people
Dog Trivia questions – Trivia questions about famous dogs or breed questions.

Guess the dog breed. A party ice breaker for humans. Easy to play. Party guests arrive, they each get a sheet taped (or pinned) to their back. They can ask questions to try and guess what breed they have on their back. When four or more people are pinned, start guessing. Each sheet will be an 8.5 x 11 page, with one dog drawing (or picture) and the dog breed name printed below it; along with instructions that say, “Help me guess what is pictured. Answer my questions with only, YES or NO replies.” Don’t give clues to each other, makes it too easy.
Download and print 30 dog breeds.

Rob your neighbor/White Elephant Robbery/Swap game. Participating Players Contribute ONE deceptively wrapped gift. Wrap the gift in beautiful wrapping or ugly wrapping. Place the gift in a large, medium or small container. Or nested containers. Wrap something no longer need or want, or buy something odd or funny. Or give a single item or a curious collection. It’s all good. Gifts given, must be clean and in good useable condition.

All wrapped gifts are placed on a designated table. Everyone gets to inspect the wrapped gifts up until the game begins.

Use a small bowl with one pair of dice at each table. For a set amount of time, the bowl is passed person to person and each rolled the dice. If you rolled a six, you could take one gift from a central table. Rolled double 6’s took two gifts. Rolled a double of a different number you got to roll again.

When the gifts were gone from the central table, you start stealing gifts from people at your table or other tables. Try to end up the one package you think will yield the best gift. Steal/swap by distraction, collusion, sneakiness, bribery.

When the game time is done, those with more than one gift picked which one they wanted to keep and those without any could choose from others’ excess. Or some play with getting a gift by rolling any double.

End of game, all players unwrap their gifts and show off their fine loot.

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