Brentwood City Parks

By | Apr 3, 2015

The City of Brentwood has seven parks, several of which are connected to each other by a trail system and neighborhood sidewalks. Open PDF info & map.

Brentwood Park — 9100 Russell Avenue, at the intersection with Bremerton.

Broughton Park — Eulalie Avenue and Mary Avenue.

Hanley Park — 610 West Hanley Industrial Court.

Memorial Park — 8600 Strassner Dr. Parking available.

Norm West Park — Pendleton Avenue and Brazeau Avenue.

Oak Tree Park — Florence Avenue and Porter Avenue.

Rogers Parkway — Dorothy Avenue and Manchester Road. A .4 acre linear parkway that contains a playground and 2045 feet of asphalt trails extending from Manchester Road to Broughton Park at Eulalie Avenue and Mary Avenue.

Rosalie/Eulalie Park — Rosalie Avenue and Eulalie Avenue. A 3-acre park located in Brentwood with 1780 feet of asphalt trails.  It is less like a park and more like a pathway connecting Hanley Park to Oak Tree Park.  The area provides an asphalt pathway and bridge that runs beside Eulalie Avenue and into the nearby nature areas.